Get Started
Using Web Mail
Using Outlook Express

One-click access to email from the top of your
PeoplePC Online Home Page

Check Web Mail from any computer with an
Internet connection and Web browser

Stay safe from viruses and spam with built-in
spam controls and email virus protection

Store up to 100MB of email for every address

PeoplePC Online has made using your email easy and accessible from your PeoplePC Online Home Page.
To get started, click the "Check Email" link from the top of your PeoplePC Online Home Page at

Click on Email Settings to:
Add additional email addresses
See your spam control and email virus blocker settings
Select your default email program
PeoplePC Online has made using Web Mail easy. Click on a topic above to learn more.
You get 100MB of storage with each PeoplePC Online email address.
Check for new messages.
Compose a message to send to someone.
Adjust your spam Controls settings.
Create folders to organize your email messages.
Manage your contacts using the address book.
Set an auto-reply, forward messages to another address, and manage your "Blocked Sender" list in "Preferences."
Your PeoplePC Online Email Account has been automatically setup in Outlook Express. Just open Outlook Express to start using it as your email program.

With Outlook Express, you don't need to be online to access your email messages. You can view them at any time. However, you will need to be connected to the Internet in order to send and receive any new email messages.

Note: Your built-in spam Controls and email virus protection settings will still need to be accessed through Web Mail.
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