Introduction Getting Started Getting Started
The Best Anti-Virus Protection
• Standard automated hourly anti-virus updates (Tiny at ~50 Kb each!)
• Real-time e-mail, file and web scanning for safe surfing
• Protect Yourself against the latest threats
Robust Spyware Protection
• Prevents rootkits and keyloggers from stealing personal data
• Automatically removes hidden spyware
• Detects unauthorized activity & probes
• Blocks unwanted pop-ups & banners
Firewall and Parental Controls
• Fully integrated personal firewall
• Privacy controls protect passwords and confidential data
• Parental controls limit online time and access to forbidden sites (with tracking)
• Stealth mode to remain invisible online
Anti-Spam Protection
• Sophisticated self-learning system
• Robust phishing protection against identity theft
• E-mail header previewing before downloading messages
• Blacklist and whitelist for addresses and phrases
• Analysis of graphics in spam
Impressive System Performance
• Minimal processor, memory and bandwidth resources required
• Automatic balancing of scan speeds with increased user activity
Minimize Any Downtime
• Easy-to-create rescue disk instantly restores your system if damaged
• Rapidly rollback any malicious changes including restoring encrypted data