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NEWS | August 28, 2016

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A Secured Credit Card Beats Subprime Every Time

Subprime credit cards specifically target those with terrible credit and lock them into high interest and myriad fees. Secured cards, despite a hefty deposit, are there to help.
9 Heavy-Duty Concealers That Can Cover Up Tattoos

These makeup cover-ups will get you through a job interview spot-free
Federal Agencies Dial Up New Regulatory Regime for Student Loan Servicers

ED, the CFPB and Treasury are on the case, but resolutions to problems are still on hold. Awards 2015: Best Body Products

For the prettiest, most touchable skin of your life, rub down and lather up with the best body products of the year
Will Your Online Purchases Face More Taxes? -- Tech Roundup

As more and more sales shift to e-commerce, governments are looking for their cut, too. Google Fiber enters Salt Lake City.
Streisand: Siri Mispronounces My Name, but Tim Cook Is On It

If you own an iPhone, the next iOS update on Sept. 30 will include a strange fix for Siri. It seems the Apple virtual assistant does not currently pronounce Barbra Streisand's name correctly, the singer recently told NPR . "[It's] Streisand with a soft S, like sand on the beach. I've...
Sarah Jessica Parker to EpiPen Maker: I'm Out

As lawmakers deal with their own awkward situation related to the jacked-up costs of the EpiPen , a celebrity is taking her own stand. Sarah Jessica Parkerwho Gizmodo notes has campaigned for anaphylaxis awareness for manufacturer Mylan in the name of her son, who has a severe peanut allergyannounced...
What a 50-Year Low in Homeownership Means for American Buyers

America homeownership is bouncing along the bottom at a five-decade low. But will new buyers fill the hole anytime soon?
Your Job Is Probably A Lot Safer Than It Seems

A lot of Americans are convinced that jobs are in a state of crisis. They might be right, but for the wrong reasons.
Private Student Loans Almost Always Have a Cosigner

Private loan refi market could get a boost if limits on federal student loans are reduced.
How you're blowing it with your rewards credit card

A rewards credit card might not be the best choice for you. Find out why.
How much are the Trump and Clinton kids worth?

There's nothing to debate here: The nominees' children are well off.
What Are the Different Types of Foreign Aid?

Foreign aid can take many forms and may involve governments and private-sector contributors. Some efforts are more effective than others.
Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas for That Special Day

The age-old traditional gold watch has not gone out of style, but it's only one of many appropriate gifts to give a retiring employee.
NFL Player Publicly Asks Out Aly Raisman, It Works

What do you do after winning gold as part of the most dominant women's gymnastics team in Olympic history? Apparently let your friends set you up on a very public blind date. It started with a Yahoo! Sports video in which Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood says Aly Raisman...
Oracle v. Oregon: Round 1 of Lawsuit Goes to State

It's beginning to feel as though Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) is spending as much time in the courtroom as the boardroom. Currently at the top of its docket: Oregon v. Oracle. In the original case between the tech giant and Oregon, thestate claimed that the botched creation of the Cover Oregon heath insurance exchange website -- a $240 million fiasco that never reached fully operational status -- was founder Larry Ellison and team's fault.
Facebook Fires Human News Team

Facebook had bad news for its news team on Friday: Sources tell Quartz that all 15-18 editorial staff on the Trending team were told at 4pm that they were being laid off and had to be out of the building by 5pm. The sources say the workers were given severance...
Why that rental car might not be safe for you to drive

You know when your own car has received a recall notice, but what about a rental car?
New rules on after-tax 401(k) savings a boon for retirees

The IRS now makes it easy to roll over post-tax funds into a Roth IRA.
Yoga Poses for Anxiety, Pain, and More

A quick-and-easy yoga routine that will leave your mind and body refreshed.
8 richest athletes competing in the Rio Olympics

It's not about the money, but the Olympics will feature many wealthy athletes.
Unhappy at Work in Your 20s? You May Be Unhealthy in Your 40s

How young adults feel about their careers might affect them physically, mentally by middle-age, study finds
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Dead Reckoning: Snowbird's Creek Collector's Edition

The small town of Snowbird’s Creek is famous for being a historical Klondike Gold Rush town, but now the town is divided on the new railway project that could make or break their little community. When the project threatens to close down for good, the workers go on strike, until the out-of-town railroad tycoon spearheading the project is found murdered. The suspects start piling up, but you must determine who really killed Seth Savage. Search the town and interrogate suspects with evidence to find the truth in this intriguing hidden-object puzzle adventure!

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