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NEWS | May 4, 2015

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The Ultimate Guide to Bronze Smoky Eyes

Thought you knew how to rock a metallic, smoky eye? Don't miss this tutorial for getting the most smoldering, runway-worthy bronze eye makeup
Everything You Need For A Midday Makeup Refresh

When your makeup hits a midday slump, re-energize your look on your next 5-minute break.
Woman Needs Stitches After Encounter With Streisand's Dog

Barbra Streisand's beloved dog got a little rowdy Tuesday. As Streisand, 73, flew from New York to DC on Ron Perelmans private jet, accompanied by her 12-year-old coton de tulear Samantha, a flight attendant allegedly tried to pet the pooch, Page Six reports. It did not go well: Samantha bit...
Bruce Jenner Hit With Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Crash

The stepchildren of a woman killed in an automobile crash involving Bruce Jenner sued the Olympic gold medalist yesterday for wrongful death, claiming they have suffered enormous damages. The lawsuit provides no new details about the February crash, which authorities said occurred when Jenner's sport utility vehicle collided with the...
Why keep rental condo if I can't write off losses?

If the rules prevent you from deducting losses now, those losses won't be gone forever.
How to lock a mortgage rate for a good deal

Lock a low mortgage rate by comparing rates and watching the timing.
Explaining Fixed Income

A person living off a fixed income is usually a retiree receiving a fixed, steady monthly inflow of cash.
3 Top Pharma Stocks that Pay Regular Dividends

The low down on three big name, dividend-paying pharma stocks.
Vonn, Woods Call It Quits

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are no longer a power couple in American sports. Golf's biggest star and the Olympic ski champion said today they were breaking up after more than two years. But in ending their relationship, both were in complete harmony in their separate announcements on social media,...
Retiring Abroad: Should I Sell My Home?

You've decided to retire in another country. What should you do with your home in the United States?
Cops Laugh About Stoner's To-Do List on Twitter

Police officers are people, too. And like us, they share their hilarious finds on Twitter. Take this example: Police in Murdoch, Western Australia, were executing a search warrant on a house in Perth, relating to a burglary investigation, when they uncovered a rather amusing to-do list, reports....
11 Superfoods That Work Better Together

These health-boosting food pairings make nutritious foods even better for you.
4 saving and investing tips for 20-somethings

It's not easy to save and invest for retirement at age 20, but you should do it. Here's how.
Motivate your millennial to save money now

Uneasy about your offsprings' meager savings? Make sure the kids turn out all right.
10 Sleep Compatibility Problems, Solved

Learning to share a bed with a snorer, sheet hogger, or kicker can save your sanity—and your relationship.
Home loan options for paying college costs

Good news: You have equity in your home. How can you use it for college?
5 Steps to the Perfect Stir-Fry (Plus Recipes!)

Here's how to cook up a fresh, flavor-packed dinner in just 15 minutes
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Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides Collector's Edition

From the innovative minds of MadHead Games, the company who brought you Nevertales and Cadenza, comes a stunning new game in the Rite of Passage series! Your mom and dad set sail on the Everlast twenty years ago… and were never seen again. But today, as you prepared to observe the anniversary of their disappearance, the Everlast suddenly sailed back into port! The ship’s arrival is suspicious at best, but you’re determined to find out what happened to your family all those years ago. And so you set out against a host of strange sea creatures on a journey by land, air, and sea. Will you learn the truth… or will you suffer the same fate as your parents? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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