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NEWS | October 13, 2015

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Jim Cramer -- Wait on Netflix, but Buy Eli Lilly Now

Jim Cramer takes questions via Twitter. He considers whether Netflix's original content makes it a buy, and whether investors should buy a beaten-down Eli Lilly.
The Fall Shoe Trend We're Stealing From the Boys

You love boyfriend jeans, now try masculine oxfords and brogues
Employees to the Boss: 'Keep Your Raise, I Want A Vacation'

It's well known that overworked Americans would love a few days off. You'll be surprised by just what they're willing to give up for it.
The Best Eyeliner for Your Cat Eye, Rocker Smudge or Graphic Flick

Your comprehensive guide to the perfect eyeliner formula for every eye makeup look
3 of the Market's Most-Active Stocks -- and How to Trade Them Now

Here's a technical look at how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market right now.
DiCaprio Is Making a Volkswagen Scandal Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is making a Volkswagen movieand it's not a relaunch of the Herbie franchise. Instead, his production company Appian Way has signed up to produce a movie on the Volkswagen emissions-cheating scandal , reports Variety . He will be working with Paramount, which has bought the rights to an upcoming...
Hey, Lauren From Fordham, Tom Hanks Found Your ID

All Tom Hanks fans wish they were Lauren from Fordham University today. Hanks posted a picture online Tuesday of a student ID from the school, bearing that moniker and a photo but with the last name blocked by his thumb. "Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park," reads...
5 Ways NFL Fans Lost the Personal Seat License Gamble

Now 20 years after the NFL adopted personal seat licenses as a means of paying for stadium improvements, many fans who purchased them are left holding the bill.
Was Samsung Pay Hacked? What Users Need to Know

Is Samsung Pay still safe to use after the LoopPay breach? Here is what consumers need to know.
Your Long-Term Financial Plans Are Absolutely Frightening

The fact that more than 70% of you don't make financial plans beyond a year upsets financial advisors, but the overall lack of saving is just plain unhealthy.
3 smart ways to save for your child

Three key savings vehicles allow parents to safely put away money for their children's future.
3 things you need to tap home equity

Even with rising home prices, you'll still need these key ingredients to take cash out of your home.
Who is a Lessor?

A lessor is the owner of an asset that is leased.
What happens to a 529A account when the beneficiary dies?

Learn how the remaining funds in a 529A account can be passed to the deceased owner's estate or to a surviving beneficiary indicated by the owner.
California Kicks Paparazzi Drones to the Curb

If you've been thinking of firing up the ol' Blade Chroma Quadcopter to take some snapshots of Sandra Bullock's supposed new baby , you'll have to wait until she leaves her California home. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Tuesday that effectively bans flying drones over private property with the purpose...
Diversify with These Four Alternative Assets

In times of market volatility, investors add alternative assets to their portfolios--highly illiquid, but profitable investments like art, land or precious metals.
Scientist Stumbles Onto Elusive Bird Then Kills It

Christopher E. Filardi, a director at the American Museum of Natural History, stumbled upon an elusive male moustached kingfisher while on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands recentlyand then killed it. In scientific terms, he "collected" it, but that means euthanasia, the Washington Post reports. Moustached kingfishers were first described...
9 Best Workouts to Do When You Have Your Period

Soothe period pain with these cramp-crushing exercises.
How to find the best bank

How do you find the best bank for you? It's all about fees and services.
Get a tax credit for a solar PV plus a new roof?

Uncle Sam wants you to have an energy-efficient home and helps pay for certain costs.
14 Ways You Lie to Yourself About Your Weight

No, your jeans did not shrink in the wash. Here are the common fibs that could be sabotaging your slim-down.
Savings challenge: Pay your credit card bill every week

Will frequent credit card payments help control spending and boost your credit score?
20 Genius Products to Allergy-Proof Your Life

Bedding, air purifiers, and vacuums that will help you stay sneeze-free through allergy season.
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