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NEWS | August 30, 2015

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4 Super-Safe High-Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

These 4 stocks are rated A+ or A by TheStreet Quant Ratings and also offer high dividends.
Bigger, Blacker, Badder: The Lowdown on Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

The beauty brand's newest product promises lush, clump-free, darker-than-jet-black lashes. Our reviewers tell if it lives up to the hype
How to Drill Down on Dental Costs: Save on Your Next Trip to the Dentist

Finances may be a bigger factor than fear when it comes to avoiding the dentists chair. Finding affordable dental care is possible with a little effort.
Ditch the French Mani and Try These 13 Wedding Nail Ideas Instead

Because it'll make showing off your ring all the more fun
'1984,' the Sequel; Lessons Learned: Best of Kass

In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass looked at the big board and saw Big Brother's face peering back, and offered lessons from the market's recent gyrations.
Wiz Khalifa Busted Over a Hoverboard

Wiz Khalifa got arrested last night in Los Angeles, and it wasn't your everyday celebrity-busted-with-drugs-or-guns arrest: The 27-year-old rapper was arrested for refusing to get off his hoverboard at LAX, and the Daily Beast reports that cops might have gotten a little rough, per some video shot by onlookers and...
At Heart of Robin Williams Family Feud: His Bikes

Robin Williams' family is still feuding over his estate , and his large bike collection is one of the things in dispute. The actor loved biking and was known to frequent local bike shops near where he lived in California's Marin County. As his widow fights with his children over what...
4 Problems to Fix for $3,000 or Less to Boost Your Home's Sales Price

Here's how to get your property ready for showings without spending a fortune.
Here Are the 3 Most Effective Retirement Strategies

The whiplash seen in stocks over the last week means your retirement savings strategy needs a little extra care.
Gridiron Games: How To Cut the Spiraling Costs Of Fantasy Football

Football season is about to kick off, but too many fantasy football players kick in too much cash to play.
How much equity can you cash out of your home?

Homeowners considering cash-out refinances and HELOCs: Here's what you need to know.
Video: Home equity rates for March 26, 2015

Home equity rates were mixed this week.
When Are Rent-to-Own Homes a Good Idea?

Lease now and pay later can work for a select few.
Explaining the Participation Rate

The participation rate is the percentage of civilians who are either employed or unemployed and looking for a job.
Josh Duggar Now in Rehab

Days after he confessed to cheating on his wife and an addiction to pornography, Josh Duggar has entered rehab. The ex-reality star checked himself into a long-term treatment center, according to his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Their announcement today on the 19 Kids and Counting family's website did...
Strategies for a Worry-Free Retirement

Worried about retirement? Here are several strategies to greatly reduce the chance your nest egg will end up depleted.
5 Most Incredible Discoveries of the Week

Support for the single life and and (possibly) for Jesus' supposed wife make the list: A Black Hole Conundrum Solved? "If you feel you are in a black hole, don't give up. There's a way out." So says Stephen Hawking in claiming to have resolved the so-called information paradoxthe...
8 Ways to Fake Being a Morning Person

Groggy and sluggish when you wake up? Use these tricks to make climbing out of bed easier.
9 cash-saving strategies that pay big bucks

Cutting expenses can pay big dividends if you invest the savings and let them compound.
Where will mortgage rates head next week?

Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.
Before and After Weight Loss: Once \"Lumpy,\" Now Lean

Cipriana Cuevas discovered a love for running, lost her taste for fast food and pulled off a 60-pound slim-down.
Can I tap my Roth IRA without paying a penalty?

Here are nine ways to avoid paying a 10 percent penalty on Roth IRA withdrawals.
10 Reasons You Feel Cold All The Time

Reasons your hands, feet, and body are always chilly even when the temperature is high.
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