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NEWS | January 20, 2017

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Sneak Peek: 7 Makeup Products to Bookmark for Spring 2015

Mark your calendars -- these are the can't-miss products from Fashion Week to snag next spring
5 Hotels Where You Can Escape the Election Hubbub

Tune out, turn down the volume - choose the right getaway to get away from the electoral noise. Many hotels and inns are promoting their isolation and digital detox.
The Scoop on Sebastian Professional's New Multitasking Hybrid Hairspray

Sebastian Professional's Stylbrid 9 promises nine different hairstyling products in one. Too good to be true? We put it to the test
NFL Quarterback Helps Find Missing Child

It appears something good came of Derek Carr's broken leg, which arguably cost his Oakland Raiders a win in the first round of the NFL playoffs. Instead of spending Saturday taking on the New England Patriots, the quarterback retweeted a notice about a missing Oakland toddler to his 247,000...
Meet Buzz Aldrin, Fashion Model

Buzz Aldrin, fashion model? The 86-year-old former astronaut will walk in a fashion show at New York's Men's Fashion Week Jan. 31, Page Six reports. Designer Nick Graham, former CEO of Joe Boxer, is presenting a Mars-themed collection complete with "space-oriented formal wear," sources say, so it only makes sense...
Will Skittles Sales Spike Amid Trump Controversy?

Skittles have been thrust back into the political spotlight. The only thing worse would be if the brand became a symbol.
Why Trump's Tariff Might Be Illegal

President-elect Donald Trump has reiterated his call for a tariff on companies that manufacture outside the United States. Here's the problem with that...
10 Countries Where That Social Security Check Will Let You Retire in Style

Social Security may not be much these days, but in these sunny destinations, it's more than enough to live the good life.
Keep up with the Kardashians: Kris Jenner's net worth

Check out how the Kardashian matriarch made her millions.
3 ways to refinance a HELOC before it starts to sting

Your payments could go up drastically once your home equity line of credit turns 10.
Start Investing With Only $1,000

You can get started as an investor with as little as $1000. Here's how.
Best Ways to Tap Into New York City Real Estate

New York is known for its real estate investment opportunities. Here are three ways you can invest in the city's real estate market to grow your wealth.
Ellen DeGeneres Makes History at People's Choice Awards

Ellen DeGeneres set a record at the People's Choice Awards, becoming the winningest entertainer in the show's history. DeGeneres picked up three trophies at Wednesday's ceremony, including Favorite Daytime TV Host, for a career total of 20 People's Choice wins, the AP reports. "She's a trailblazer, a rule-breaker, a relentless...
The 5 Best Energy Stocks for 2017

These energy stocks either remained profitable while oil plunged, or they acquired important assets.
Trump Makes 1st Official Moves as President

Donald Trump made his first official moves as president immediately after being sworn in Friday. The Hill reports he signed a number of acts into law during a signing ceremony following the inauguration. The first approved a law passed by Congress that lets Gen. James Mattis serve as secretary of...
Will Donald Trump shake up the Federal Reserve?

The new president has an opportunity to radically reshape the central bank.
Housing winners and losers under President Trump

See who may benefit under the new administration, and who should be concerned.
Blogger Gabi Gregg Shows That Cellulite Is 'Normal' and Can Disappear Depending on Lighting

“Reminder that cellulite is normal and nothing to be ashamed of."
Don't let mortgage rates scare you

The last quarter was bad for rates, but they are still low by historical standards.
Fitness Star Anna Victoria Shares Photo of Her Belly Rolls: ‘How I Am 99% of the Time’

The trainer shared an inspiring message about loving your body, "flaws" and all.
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