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NEWS | August 29, 2015

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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Here's Next Week's Game Plan

This volatile week ended with a whimper and Cramer is already looking to next week's wealth of earnings and economic data.
14 Clean-Eating Instagrammers With the Best Food Porn

Trick your taste buds into craving healthful, whole foods with a little help from these clean-eating Instagram accounts
How to Drill Down on Dental Costs: Save on Your Next Trip to the Dentist

Finances may be a bigger factor than fear when it comes to avoiding the dentists chair. Finding affordable dental care is possible with a little effort.
Jewel-Encrusted Accessories to Jazz Up Our Outfit

Add a bejeweled clutch, hair accessory or shoe to any ensemble for an instant refresh
Jim Cramers 7 Lessons From the Stock Markets Monumental Week

This was a week that showed unprecedented volatility and, perhaps more importantly, eye-popping frailty of the entire equity asset class. Each day packed a punch and each day yielded lessons.
Trump Has a Beef With Oreo

Having clearly never been exposed to the wonders of Mexican Coke, Donald Trump yesterday reiterated his vow to go cold-turkey on Oreos over a plan to move production of the cookies south of the border. "I'm never eating Oreos again," Trump said. The cookie kerfuffle stems from a plan by...
Trump Lets Audience Member Inspect His Hair

If "birthers" are those who doubt President Obama was born in the United States, then Donald Trump apparently has "hairers." The presidential candidate complained at a South Carolina rally today about a New York Times article referencing someone calling him "the man of the toupee," The Hill reports. His response:...
Steps For Digging Out From Under Bad Credit

So, how do subprime consumers repair their battered credit reputations so they can access credit lines and credit cards again?
Millennial Malaise Reaches the Four Corners of the Earth

Youth and post-youth disaffection crosses time zones and cultures; unsustainable debt defines this cohort in the U.S.
The Over-the-Top World of Cruise Ship Vacations

Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, with its ten-story water slide, seven neighborhoods and central park, is just one of the latest ships to break records.
Can Mom use bankruptcy to quit reverse mortgage?

Keeping up with reverse mortgage fees can be daunting. There may be a way out.
Best way to pay for home improvements?

Here's how to review your borrowing options when your home needs a serious facelift.
Chart Advisor for August 28, 2015

A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
ETF Analysis: Vanguard Total World Stock

Learn about the Vanguard Total World Stock exchange-traded fund, which invests in stocks located in numerous countries with a high level of diversification.
Guess Who's Coming to Dancing With the Stars ?

If you thought that Paula Deen's various race-related controversies were enough to get her off your television screen forever, think again. Sources tell both E! and Us that Deen will compete on the next season of Dancing With the Stars , which debuts Sept. 14. She was reportedly offered a spot...
Lifeway Foods Increasing Kefir Production Fivefold

Probiotics, or the so-called "good bacteria" in your gut, have gone mainstream, and Lifeway Foods (NASDAQ: LWAY), as the manufacturer of the leading kefir beverage that's loaded with probiotics, has been benefiting from the new attention being paid to gut health.
Cops: Would-Be Do-Gooder Kidnapped a Guy

Oh, but the line between charity and kidnapping is a fine one. A man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly taking a 77-year-old man home and forcing him to eat meat because he thought the victim was homeless, NBC Connecticut reports. Police say David Pope noticed the victim pushing a cart...
New Ways To Go Mediterranean

Fresh, heart-friendly foods and a relaxed attitude toward mealtime add up to the ultimate feel-great diet
5 ways to grow an emergency fund

Can you save for a rainy day without slipping? Follow these tips to stay on track.
Widow wants an emergency fund that's not taxed

Spouse is looking for a savings vehicle with easy access and no tax bite. But which one?
13 Zinc-Rich Foods

A little bit of zinc does your body plenty of good. These sources of the crucial mineral will help keep your immune system (and much more) in tip-top shape.
Will $13K in past-due HOA fees ruin short sale?

The homeowners association has its hand out. This is why we can't have nice short sales.
Weight Loss Success Story: \"I Got My High School Body Back\"

Faced with a buffet of greasy foods, Danica Bellini put on 50 pounds in college. But portion control took it all offand more!
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