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NEWS | July 25, 2016

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Why Trading Oil Became So Sticky

A change in the futures market has made the crude market devilishly tricky, according to a recent report. Constable explains.
11 Gorgeous Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

From black tie to beachside, find all your summer wedding outfit inspo right here
New CommonBond Funding Expected to Provide a Build-Out to Student Loan Refinancing

New York re-fi vendor expects to combine loan assessment with links to 401(k) contribution.
25 Cat Memes That Totally Get Every Beauty Girl's Struggle

These cats are basically us -- but cuter
It's Business as Usual After Spinoff, Says CommerceHub CEO

The former Liberty Interactive unit expects change with independence, adds CEO Frank Poore.
Pippa Middleton Engaged

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister, Pippa Middleton, and hedge fund manager James Matthews announced their engagement Tuesday, setting the stage for a celebrated society wedding in the coming year, the AP reports. The couple confirmed rumors in a statement to Britain's Press Association, saying they planned to marry in...
Nicollette Sheridan Divorcing Secret Hubby of 6 Months

Surprise: Nicollette Sheridan is divorcing a guy no one knew she married. (Well, presumably, people who know Sheridan in real life were aware of the union.) As TMZ reports, Sheridan and Aaron Phypers have filed for divorce just six months after a marriage that was never made public, though...
Here's What It Will Take to Save Daily for a Decent Home Purchase

Buying a new home isn't cheap, so it does take diligence to save for a down payment. How much diligence? Read on, eager homebuyer.
Tax Relief Bill in the Works for Student Loan Write-Offs

Senate bill would alter IRS code; income-based and income-driven repayment plans would no longer be taxable.
Is Your Co-Worker a Heroin Addict?

Many Americans are switching from opioid pills to injecting heroin as a result of government policy changes.
Making a comeback: Home equity loans, HELOCs

As property values and mortgage rates rise, home equity loans and HELOCs heat up.
Woman fears she could be killed for life insurance

She thinks her ex will try to kill her to cash in. See how she can protect herself.
Micron Technology Soars on Takeover Rumors

Long-suffering Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU) shareholders got a boost on Monday following its shareholder rights filing with the SEC on Friday. In what is often referred to as a "poison pill" clause, Micron issued one "right" for each share of stock in an effort to avoid an ownership change.
How Did Bridgewater's Ray Dalio Get Rich?

Learn how Raymond Dalio, founder of hedge fund company Bridgewater Associates, became a billionaire and made the Forbes 400
Best Hemingway Lookalike: Guy Named Hemingway

For the first time in its 36-year history, a Hemingway has won a competition seeking the man who most looks like literary giant Ernest Hemingway. Dave Hemingway was named the winner of the "Papa" Hemingway Lookalike Contest on Saturday in Key West, Fla., reports the AP . He says he's not...
Why Average Investors Can't Make Money (XOP)

Average Investors are dramatically underperforming the market. Here's a look at how they can fix those mistakes and make a decent return
Hillary Hate Isn't New; but Reason Behind It Has Changed

Supporters of Hillary Clinton who feel she's on the receiving end of undue amounts of sheer hatred might want to read an analysis on the subject at Slate by Michelle Goldberg. It doesn't refute that this hatred existsin fact, the piece revisits articles on the same theme from 20...
34 Easy Swaps to Make Every Meal Healthier

Feel full, lose weight, have more energy, and get healthier head-to-toe with these simple diet tweaks.
3 things you need to tap home equity

Even with rising home prices, you'll still need these key ingredients to take cash out of your home.
Mortgages remain low enough for refinancing

Mortgage rates have risen above all-time lows, but refinancing isn't off the table.
Learning Something New? Exercising Could Boost Memory

Here's yet another reason to hit the gym.
4 ways to pay off your mortgage earlier

Use these methods to hasten the day when you no longer make a mortgage payment.
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