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NEWS | February 21, 2017

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JetBlue Promotes Steve Priest to CFO

JetBlue will promote VP, Structural Programs Steve Priest as its new CFO, the company announced on Tuesday.
11 Skin-Improving Sunscreens You'll Be Excited to Wear

These sunscreens don't just block aging rays, they reverse existing damage, conceal dark circles, blur imperfections and so much more
The 15 Best Places to Live in the United States

These small- to medium-sized cities are affordable; racially, ethnically, and economically diverse; and conducive to residents' flexibility in choosing a hospital, school, park and manner of commuting.
9 Next-Level Detanglers that Get Rid of Knots and Protect Hair

Stop swiping your kid's detangler. There's a new generation of luxurious sprays to try
TJ Maxx Could Surprisingly Disappoint

Guidance will be key for investors tomorrow.
Kate Upton Gets 3 Separate SI Swimsuit Issue Covers

Third time's a charm for Kate Upton. Actually, every time on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has been a charm for Kate Upton, which is probably why the magazine asked her back after two other successful cover appearances. SI made its heart-pounding announcement on (appropriately enough) Valentine's...
Priscilla Presley: I'm Taking Care of Lisa Marie's Twins

Dismissing reports that Lisa Marie Presley's 8-year-old twin daughters are in the custody of the state of California, grandma Priscilla Presley says the girls are with her. The AP reported over the weekend that Finley and Harper Lockwood, Lisa Marie's children with estranged husband Michael Lockwood, were under the supervision...
If You Are in Obamacare, Here's What a Trump Presidency Means

20 million are covered under Obamacare. What will their options be under Trump, who has vowed to repeat Obamacare on Day 1?
How to Handle Election Day in the Office

Politics are always delicate in the office, but never more so than on Election Day. Here are a few tips for making it through unscathed.
Who Will Win and Who Will Lose From Trump Rescinding the TPP?

Six groups that will lose (and win) from Trump's decision to pull America out of the TPP.
5 questions to ask before tapping your home equity

Are you itching to shake some money out of your home? Consider these questions first.
6 tips for the best home remodeling project

Home renovation isn't as easy as it looks on TV. Here's how to avoid overspending.
Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador to the United Nations
6 Dangerous Moves for First-Time Investors

First-time investors beware of these potentially disastrous decisions.
In Twitter Feud vs. JK Rowling, Piers Morgan Kid Abandons Dad

The Guardian reports on the newest feud between "two of Britains best known international exports:" It all started when JK Rowling tweeted early Saturday regarding Piers Morgan's appearance on Bill Maher's talk show, noting that watching Morgan being "told to f--- off on live TV" had been incredibly fulfilling for...
Trump's Executive Orders (So Far)

Trump has been fulfilling campaign promises by issuing executive orders.
As US Carrier Enters South China Sea, What's Trump's Move?

The US Navy wants to embark upon a fresh freedom of navigation operation around China's man-made islands in the South China Sea , in what would be the first under President Trump, the Navy Times reports, citing defense officials. The operation would most likely be carried out by the San Diego-based...
5 Exercises for Better Posture

Want to get fit with the help of a celebrity trainer? Now you can. We teamed up with Harley Pasternak—who trains celebs like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga—to learn the best exercises to strengthen and tone the back of your body. 
Mortgage rates stay in wait-and-see mode

Homeownership rates flat for quarter, but still show long, downward slide.
7 ways that home sellers turn off homebuyers

What do monkey poo and a Confederate flag have in common? Angry homebuyers, that's what.
W-2 seems wrong. Does my employer owe me money?

Without pay stubs, you still can check the math on your W-2. Here's what you can do.
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