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NEWS | July 2, 2015

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Occidental Petroleum Stock Chart Points to More Downside Ahead

Occidental Petroleum broke below a narrow consolidation pattern Wednesday, opening the stock up to more downside.
What's Your Makeup Brush IQ?

Find out if you're a beauty genius or you need to repeat Makeup 101
5 Things You Should Definitely Buy In July

July is a middling month for retailers, but consumers can find savings on computers, tools and even late summer vacations if they look hard enough.
Pretty as a Picture: Art Made Entirely of Makeup

Faces make great canvases, but these creations give the term "makeup artist" a whole new meaning
'Mad Money' Lightning Round: Sell, Sell, Sell, Goodyear and Move On

Cramer says Corning is a disappointment, Greif will give you grief and take Edwards Lifesciences over Intuitive Surgical.
Siegfried & Roy's White Lion Dies as Zoo Operates

A mesmerizing male white lion belonging to Siegfried & Roy died yesterday while undergoing a minor procedure at the Toledo Zoo, where he was on loan, reports the Toledo Blade . Fourteen-year-old Legend was being operated on after displaying signs of lameness in his front left foot; he was stable as...
Colbert to Scalia: You Already Had Your Head in a Sack

Justice Antonin Scalia fiercely dissented in yesterday's Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage so fiercely that he inspired a Scalia burn-generator , and vowed he would hide his "head in a bag." Responded Stephen Colbert, "I couldve sworn he was already hiding his head in a flesh-toned cinch sack," then, without...
Car Rental Insurance? Dont Get Taken For a Ride This Summer

Summer travelers can make common - and costly - mistakes with auto rental insurance.
Department of Education's Special Master to Help Borrowers With Loans From Corinthian--And Beyond

ED's fear that other colleges may present loan pay back problems and looks to nip them in the bud.
Behold the Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2015

Summer travel plans can waylay even the most thoughtfully constructed budgets. But it's possible to outsmart rising prices.
CD rates for July 2, 2015

Here are the average CD rates from Bankrate's weekly survey of large banks and thrifts.
Get relief from hubby's discharged student debt?

If "innocent spouse" doesn't apply to you, you may get tax relief in other ways.
What are some tactics businesses can use to increase unlevered free cash flow?

Learn about ways firms increase their unlevered free cash flow through inventory management, capital expenditures, increased profitability and lower taxes.
The Big News at Annaly Capital Management

Last month, Annaly Capital Management (NYSE: NLY) issued a press release that, if you weren't paying close attention, could easily have seemed like nothing out of the ordinary. In reality, however, the information contained in it shows that the nation's leading mortgage real estate investment trust is taking aggressive steps to diversify away from its bread-and-butter business model that has served it, and shareholders, so well over the past two decades.
Joni Mitchell Expects 'Full Recovery' After Aneurysm

Joni Mitchell's friend and conservator is setting the record straight on the Canadian singer's condition after she was rushed to the hospital in March. Though singer David Crosby claimed Mitchell was "not speaking yet" in an interview with HuffPost Live on Friday, Leslie Morris approved a statement on
How do I evaluate a debt security?

Look at a brief overview of the important factors to consider before purchasing a debt security, such as a corporate or government bond.
Feds Suspect Airlines Are Ripping Us Off

Because extra fees and delayed flights weren't enough reason to sour on airlines, the Justice Department has added one more: Federal investigators suspect that the airlines are colluding to rip off passengers. The Justice Department has launched an antitrust investigation and demanded all communication airlines have had with each other...
6 Ways Your Mobile Devices Are Hurting Your Body

Just ask your neck, shoulders and back. But with a few adjustments, you won't have to give up emojis or binge-watching.
$100M: Michael Jackson's former Neverland Ranch

Once home to an elephant, giraffes and Bubbles the chimpanzee, Neverland is on the market for $100 million.
HELOC vs. reverse mortgage line of credit?

HELOCs and reverse mortgages have pros and cons. Which one is better for protecting assets?
How to Treat 8 Common Injuries at Home

Paging Dr. You! Here's how to treat burns, cuts, sprains, and more.
3 ways to refinance a HELOC

Your payments could go up drastically once your HELOC hits a certain age.
4 Exercises to Tone Your Hips and Thighs

These midbody strength moves from Tracy Anderson slim and firm up your hips, thighs, and lower belly too.
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