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NEWS | May 27, 2015

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5 Stocks Set to Soar on Bullish Earnings

These heavily shorted stocks could get squeezed much higher if they report positive earnings this week.
Hot Trend: Studs and Spikes

No more miss nice girl ... channel your inner punk with our fashion picks for the coolest studs and spikes
Waiting Just a Few Years to Go To College Can Save You Tens of Thousands

Deferring the college experience might be the best way to save big bucks.
4 Best Hair Removal Creams -- and the 3 Worst

Our readers reveal which hair removal creams trump razor burn and painful wax kits -- and which ones are just as bad
Independence Seeks to Replenish Nickel Reserves With $1.4B Sirius Bid

Sirius shareholders will receive stock in a new mining company, S2 Resources.
Martin Sheen on Charlie's Implosion: Steroids

Finally, an explanation for Charlie Sheen's 2011 meltdown: It was not, in fact, fueled by tiger blood and Adonis DNA , but by steroids, according to dad Martin. "Only those of us that knew him understood what was going on. I'm talking about steroids, at that time," Sheen says of his...
Taylor Swift Can Save Students From Final Exam

Does world history teacher Colter Pierce at Skyview High School set a tough final exam? This year's students will never have to find out if Taylor Swift gives the Billings, Mont., teacher a call. He has promised the exam will be canceled if the star calls him, and a Facebook...
3 Things to Do With That Retirement Account You Forgot About When You Left Your Job

Do you have a 401(k) from a previous job? Here's what to do with it.
Mortgage Delinquency Rates Are Back at Pre-Recession Levels

Mortgage delinquencies are down, and that should help drive home sales higher this summer.
Why Retiring in Your 30s Is a Terrible Idea for Anyone

You may have enough invested to retire in your 30s, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Inflation mounts, skills wither and 60 years are longer than you think.
Opinion: Is Federal Reserve strategy on target or off-base?

The central bank has a stimulus plan that some love and some hate. Here are two views.
9 saving and investing tips for all ages

No matter what age you are, you should save and invest. These tips are for everyone.
How does the market share of a few companies affect the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index calculation?

Learn how the market share of a few firms affects the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index calculation and why the index jumps as market share of a single firm increases.
How can I profit from monitoring open interest?

Find out more about open interest, what the open interest indicates about an option and its underlying asset and how to profit from monitoring open interest.
Omar Sharif Has Alzheimer's

Legendary Lawrence of Arabia actor Omar Sharif is battling Alzheimer's disease, his agent Steve Kenis confirms to the AP. No additional details were provided about the 83-year-old or his care. His son, Tarek Sharif, first revealed the diagnosis in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo on Saturday. The Egyptian-born...
Sales Draft

A record indicating that a cardholder has made a purchase.
Family Endures Nazi Occupation in Reality Show

Imagine channel-surfing one night and stumbling on a reality show about life in a crushing Nazi regime. Well, that show exists in the Czech Republicand some people aren't too thrilled to see the Nazis turned into casual entertainment, the Guardian reports. Called Holiday in the Protectorate , the show follows...
4 Energizing Breakfast Recipes From the Ranch at Live Oak

Power up your day! Start with an energizing breakfast straight from the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, Calif.
Is bank really forbidden from reducing my card APR?

The Credit CARD Act addresses this question but leaves room for interpretation.
10 states with the highest gasoline taxes

Live in one of these states? You're probably paying higher gas prices.
12 Swimsuit Season Diet Secrets

Dive into all the joys of summer and watch that winter weight melt away.
Should I invest my emergency stash of cash?

Now that the bulls are back on Wall Street, should I invest my emergency cash?
15 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated

These high-water-content foods are refreshing, filled with nutrients, and naturally low in calories.
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