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NEWS | October 25, 2016

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Google's Making Whiteboards? -- Tech Roundup

Google's new piece of hardware, Jamboard, is introduced. Uber launches its first self-driving semi truck.
10 Hairstyles That Can Stand Up to the Windiest Weather

Your hair doesn't have to look like a disaster just because it's blowing like a hurricane outside.
There Are Nearly 500 Million Credit Cards in Use, But Can Mobile Topple the Plastic King?

As creditors get tough with Millennials, younger financial consumers may well steer the robust plastic payments market to mobile payments.
Q&A: Everything You Want to Know About Jennifer Aniston's Hair

Plus, her favorite stay-full breakfast recipe, the craziest beauty trick she ever tried and what she does to look (and feel) prettier in 20 minutes
Chipotle Gives Up On Asian Food To Chase Pizza And Hamburgers

The restaurant operator is throwing in the towel on its Asian food concept Shophouse.
Bill Murray Wins Comedy Prize, Hands It to Audience

Bill Murray accepted a bust of Mark Twain for his lifetime achievement in comedyand immediately handed it to the audience to be passed around. Murray was honored Sunday night at the Kennedy Center by more than a dozen of his co-stars and collaborators, including David Letterman, Sigourney Weaver, and...
The Ladies 'Geek Out' at CMT Artists of the Year

Country singers Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Kelsea Ballerini honored each other and celebrated their shared successes at the CMT Artists of the Year show. Female singers rocked the stage, geeked out over one another, and showcased women's impact on country music's past, present, and future during the awards show...
Get Ready for New Overtime Laws Set to Kick in This Fall

With new overtime laws set to kick in this fall, all those starving artists are about to get a leg up.
Wells Fargo Fraud Perpetrators Get Off Scot-Free: Here's Why Bankers Don't Go To Jail

Just like after the Great Recession, in the wake of the Wells Fargo scandal, no one seems to be going to jail. This is why...
Protestors Target PayPal After Founder Supports Trump

In the wake of news that PayPal founder Peter Thiel has donated money to Donald Trump, users organized a protest. The only problem? Thiel doesn't own PayPal anymore.
Have a complaint about your bank? Here's what to do

If you think your bank or credit union made a mistake, these agencies offer assistance.
Joel McHale sells Hollywood home

The actor-comedian who's out of "The Soup" is now out of this 1940s home, too.
The Best Bet for Retirement Income: Bonds or Bond Funds?

Retirees seeking income from their investments typically look into bonds. Here's a look at the types of bonds, bond funds and their pros and cons.
Reverse Mortgages: Has Their Time Arrived?

The perception of reverse mortgages is changing. They can be an integral part of a carefully crafted retirement plan.
Weird Al Moderates the Final Presidential Debate in Song

The Gregory Brothers' "life's work" is making sure that everything is turned into a song, they write in the New York Times . To that end, they've been making auto-tuned jams out of political clips for years. But Wednesday's final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump required a little extra...
Expedia Preparing Trivago for IPO

Talk of a pending initial public offering of Expedia's (NASDAQ: EXPE) majority-owned Trivago travel site initiated with the company's second-quarter earningsrelease in late July. At the time, Expedia said it had agreed to explore the feasibility of a Trivago IPO, adding that should the decision be made to take the site public, it didn't intend to sell any of its shares.
20-Year-Old Is Selling Her Virginity for $400K, 'Love'

The reasons for losing one's virginity are as old and as myriad as humanity itself, but they usually have to do with being addled by some combination of love, lust, alcohol, or the vague desire to spread your DNA around the planet. Gentle reader, meet 20-year-old Katherine Stone of Washington...
How the FDIC protects your money

One of the most ubiquitous signs in the banking world is "Member FDIC." Here's what it means.
The risks and rewards of corporate bonds

Learn how to read the bond grades that indicate how much risk you'll be taking on.
5 Exercises for Rock-Hard Abs From Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trainer

Tracy Anderson shows how to whittle your middle like the Goop queen herself.
Flapping, snapping flag drives nappers mad

Who's more American: The guy who flies a noisy flag all night, or his sleep-deprived neighbors?
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