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NEWS | April 18, 2015

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Bull Chart of the Day -- How to Profit From Natural Gas

If you're re-evaluating long positions after a rough Friday, natural gas is looking like an opportunity.
The 4 Crossfit-Inspired Moves Your Workout Is Missing

Master these kick-butt moves to seriously sculpt your entire body
Unable to Find 'Extra Money,' Americans Have Sparse Savings

A new survey shows 34% of adults in America dont have any emergency savings, but not all are falling behind.
The Only Makeup Collection We'd Wear Poolside

Adult Swim is the summer makeup collection of our technicolor dreams
Chipotle's Annual 'Woodstock of Food' Is About to Kick Off

The benefits of Chipotle's annual 'Cultivate Festival' go beyond just bringing together fans of the chain's burritos.
Nasty Black Sabbath Feud Plays Out on Facebook

Back in 2012, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward refused to take part in the group's reunion because of a contract dispute. This week he explainedat great lengthhis problems with the band and, especially, Ozzy Osbourne. Needless to say, Ozzy does not appear happy about it. In a...
Email: Affleck Told PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Relative

An email exchange in the newly published database of hacked Sony documents looks to be embarrassing for Ben Affleck and PBS. Affleck demanded that the show Finding Your Roots withhold the nugget that he had a slave-owning ancestor, reports the Boston Globe . The pressure appeared to be successful, because when...
Some of Those Low-Interest Home Equity Loans Are About to Double or Triple

Conversion from interest-only payments to principal and interest could pose problems for borrowers, particularly when household budgets remain tight and income gains have been hard to come by.
Here's How College Grads Can Build the Best Career Search Toolkit

College grads on their first job search should bring everything they have to the table.
How the Housing Market Is Changing to Meet Millennials Where They're At

Hefty debt and unstable jobs have made Millennials cautious about buying homes and careful about what they buy and who handles their mortgages.
Video: Home equity rates for Feb. 13, 2015

The environment for home equity borrowing remains favorable.
Gloria Estefan's Star Island house for sale

Turn the beat around! Estefan's Miami house is for sale for $40 million.
What is the difference between fiat money and representative money?

Learn the main differences between fiat money and representative money. Differences include actual physical currency and government backing.
What is Capital Stock?

Capital stock refers to the number of authorized shares a corporation may issue, both common and preferred.
Pam Anderson, Sheriff Joe Team Up

Some inmates at the Maricopa County Jail did a double-take after seeing actress Pamela Anderson serving their lunches. The former Baywatch star was in town yesterday to help promote Sheriff Joe Arpaio's all-vegetarian meal program. Arpaio says cutting meat from the meals served to the more than 8,000 inmates...
Where Will GoPro Find New Revenue Growth?

Investors love to hear a good story, but as a whole they can be a shrewd and skeptical audience; after all, they've heard most of the compelling tales and absolute duds before. The executive team atGoPro,(NASDAQ: GPRO), which reported a standout 4th quarter 2014 in February, may wonder what's not to like about their current narrative.
Why Astronomers Hate Roomba's Lawnmower Plans

The next big thing in lawn-mowing technology could come from the makers of the Roombabut first, they're facing a fight with astronomers. That's because iRobot's proposed device would use radio signals to keep the mowers from going rogue and moving off a user's property. Robot lawnmowers already exist, but...
20 Foods You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen

Cooking healthy meals and choosing smart snacks is easy when you keep your pantry stocked with these healthy staples.
Is closing a credit card a good or bad move?

Canceling a credit card can impact your credit score in these four ways.
Consumers on financial security: Video

According tothe poll, nearly half of Americans are saving virtually none of their paychecks.
11 Superfoods That Work Better Together

These health-boosting food pairings make nutritious foods even better for you.
Seniors, strike it rich: Make a million after 70

If you're determined to do so, you can make a million bucks even in the twilight years.
10 Reasons Your Belly Fat Isn't Going Away

Yes, stomach pudge may be stubborn, but here are a slew of research-proven ways to dump it for good.
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From Alawar Games, comes the latest chapter in the thrilling House of 1000 Doors series! Emily’s everyday life is shattered when a strange woman knocks at her door, begging for her help as a frightening meteor descends from the sky. In an instant, she’s whisked away to the mysterious House of the Lancasters, where she discovers she has a special gift: the inner light. Now Emily’s power is the only thing that can stop the dark disease that threatens to swallow the entire world. This deadly infection corrupts anything it touches: humans, animals, even plants and inanimate objects, turning them into violent monsters. Work together with your new family to fight back and restore the world, before it’s too late!

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