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NEWS | September 5, 2015

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Jim Cramer Awaits Palo Alto's 4Q Results Next Week

Cramer says Palo Alto is the 'premiere cyber security stock,' so its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings are worth watching when the company reports Wednesday.
16 Game-Changing Beauty Gadgets That Save You Money

We zapped, charged and lit up our skin to find devices that replace our facials, blowouts and waxing appointments
If You Have Poor Credit, This Common Household Bill Doubles

Don't let bad credit hike this common expenditure.
9 Amazing Asian Eye Makeup Tutorials

Master your makeup routine with these easy, eye-opening videos
Gap Blames Calendar for Struggling Summer Sales

Its Banana Republic brand also saw an ugly drop in same-store sales but its Old Navy sailed through August.
Kanye Is Running for President

Did the 2020 race for the White House just get its first candidate? If you take Kanye West at his word, then yes. Here are the highlights from his 10-minute acceptance speech after nabbing the Video Vanguard Award at last night's VMAs , per Rolling Stone : On his 2009 Taylor Swift...
Kim Kardashian Might Have Her Uterus Removed

Kim Kardashian talks about her struggle to conceive in a new interview with C Magazine and reveals that ultimately, she may need to have a pretty major procedure. "I had this condition called placenta accreta. There were a couple of little operations to fix all that, so that created a...
Zombie Homes Are Devouring Entire Neighborhoods

In a buoyant real estate market some neighborhoods - whole cities - face longterm struggles to recover.
Finessing the Art of Networking to Land You the Next Job

Networking is a critical and noteworthy skill that is overlooked by many professionals until they are seeking another job.
5 Money-Saving Questions to Ask Your College Financial Aid Officer

Chip away at college costs with questions that every parent should ask a college financial aid officer.
Savings challenge: Pay your credit card bill every week

Will frequent credit card payments help control spending and boost your credit score?
Is it smart to transfer a credit card balance?

Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might sound good --but is it?
Qihoo 360 Trades Sideways After Big Earnings Beat

Shares of Qihoo 360 (NASDAQ: QIHU) initially saw gains after the company released its second quarter 2015 earnings report this week. Just a day later, however, investors reversed course and started selling off their shares. So, which was the right call to make? Were the earnings good or bad? This is what we aim to find out today, as we take a look at the results.
Which Kind of Life Insurance Is Best for You?

Parse the pros and cons of different policy types to ensure the best coverage for your needs.
Wrestling Legend Charged in Lover's 1983 Murder

A Hall of Fame wrestler was arrested today and charged with murder 32 years after his mistress was found beaten and unresponsive in a Pennsylvania hotel room, the AP reports. In 1983, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, one of the World Wrestling Federation's biggest stars, returned to his hotel room after an...
What's a Conglomerate?

A conglomerate is a corporation thats comprised of several different independent businesses.
In NC, Big Trouble for Teens Who Take Nude Pics

Thanks to a law one expert calls one of the strictest in the nation, North Carolina teens who take nude photos of themselves can be charged as an adult sex offender. The Fayetteville Observer looks at the law as it applies to one 16-year-old girl, Brianna Denson, who was listed...
10 Protein-Packed Pulse Recipes That Satisfy

These delicious superfood recipes feature chickpeas, lentils, and other pulses.
Home equity loan rates for June 11, 2015

Here are the average home equity rates from Bankrate's weekly survey of large banks and thrifts.
6 things to know before the Fed hikes rates

The Fed influences a raft of rates. Take financial action now before some costs rise.
11 Secrets of People Who've Lived to 100

Centenarians from around the globe share their secrets to longevity.
Video: What you need to know about home equity

Need to pay for a big expense? Learn how you can use your home equity to pay for it.
New Ways To Go Mediterranean

Fresh, heart-friendly foods and a relaxed attitude toward mealtime add up to the ultimate feel-great diet
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