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NEWS | May 22, 2017

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European Stocks Close With Little Change as Investors Watch U.S. Dollar

European stocks ended Monday's session with little change as benchmarks rose and then retreated to last week's levels amid ongoing concern over the political developments in the United States.
Inside the Road to Obamacare Repeal

This week Senate Republicans took the first step toward Obamacare repeal, but there's a problem.
Citi Settles With DOJ Over Anti-Money Laundering Violations

The settlement comprises a non-prosecution agreement, and a forfeiture by Citigroup of $97 million.
Kobe Bryant Tweet Gets High-Schoolers Out of Final

Truly, tweets and US government are hopelessly intertwined these days. WRTV reports a high school senior in Indianapolis got his entire US Government class out of their finalthanks to a retweet from Kobe Bryant. William Pate was told by his teacher, Mr. Belser, the final would be canceled if...
SNL's 'Drunk Uncle' Is Taking His Leave

Saturday Night Live is going to need a new " Drunk Uncle ." When Bobby Moynihan shares the same stage this weekend with the Rock and Katy Perry for the season finale, it will be his last as an SNL cast member, leaving after nine seasons on the show, Deadline reports. The...
Why the AHCA Has Already Failed

The new Republican majority seems finally ready to deliver on repeal and replace. Here's why it already seems to be a catastrophe.
Inside the Road to Obamacare Repeal

This week Senate Republicans took the first step toward Obamacare repeal, but there's a problem.
Don't Want to Get Bounced From Your Next United Flight? Pony Up Cash When Booking

When it comes to flying, how much you pay determines everything from where you sit to whether you even leave the gate.
Quiz: What Sound Does This Animal Make

You better know animals REALLY well to even attempt this quiz.
Fence-sitters, check out mortgage rates. They're down

Mortgage rates fell this week, making it a great time to apply for a home loan.
Trump tells Middle East to 'drive out' Islamist extremists

By Steve Holland and Jeff Mason RIYADH (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump called on Arab leaders to do their fair share to "drive out" terrorism from their countries on Sunday in a speech that
Mortgage closing costs: State by state

Want to know your state's average closing costs? Use this breakdown to find out.
Brooding Iran hardliners say they must still be heard after Rouhani win

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin LONDON (Reuters) - Iranian hardliners indignant at President Hassan Rouhani's re-election vowed on Sunday to press their conservative agenda, with some saying his caustic
U.S. and Pacific Rim countries at odds in heated trade meeting

By A. Ananthalakshmi and Mai Nguyen HANOI (Reuters) - Japan and other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreed on Sunday to pursue their trade deal without the United States as the Trump
The Key to McDonald's? 70 Million Customers a Day

Even when it has an underperforming year, McDonalds is still one of the most profitable companies around.
Goal-Based Investing: My Favorite Term

Managing Director of Vanguard's Retail Investor Group Karin Risi shares why "goal-based investing" is her favorite financial term.
Steve Harvey's Ex Wants $60M for 'Soul Murder'

More bad headlines for Steve Harvey. On the heels of him having to explain a memo in which he ordered staffers of his talk show to never approach him comes a whopping lawsuit from an ex-wife. TMZ reports that Mary Harvey filed papers this week seeking $60 million, saying she's...
What's a Bear Market? InvestoTrivia

Can you define "bear market"?
She Bought the 'Costume Jewelry' for $15. But It Was Real

It was an almost gaudily large piece of costume jewelry picked up for about $15 in the 1980s, and its owner apparently liked itshe "would wear it out shopping, wear it day-to-day." She almost certainly likes it much, much more now. The ring, bought at a car-boot sale (akin...
Does 'buyer beware' apply to illegal sewer line?

This mess really reeks. To fix it, you may need the cops, a lawyer and a lot of money.
Must I wait 5 years to withdraw Roth IRA earnings?

You do have to wait five years to get at the earnings, but you still have options.
Sold hubby's business for $60K. How much tax do I owe?

The tax owed from a business sale depends on many things. Here's what you need to know.
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    Boy and girl meet, boy and girl go on champagne-and-fireworks-filled dates, boy proposes to girl. The end?

    Of course there’s more to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette than that — starting with the First Impression Rose, which has high stakes (and deep roots) in Bachelor Nation.

    And even though it’s become part of the experience for fans of the ABC hit to try to predict the First Impression Rose recipients’ chances of success, this tradition wasn’t actually part of The Bachelor from the start.

    The handing out of the First Impression Rose began with with season 5 Bachelor Jesse Palmer in 2004. Since then, 12 Bachelors and eight Bachelorettes have given out 23 of those coveted long stems. While the gesture has been an increasingly prominent part of the show since then, only two contestants who’ve made a rose-worthy first impression have actually won. So who were they?


    In 2016, Kaitlyn Bristowe gave out the first rose to Shawn Booth, who won the season. They have yet to marry, but are still together as of last July — and happy to poke a little fun at their extended engagement.

    Sean Lowe handed a rose Catherine Giudici, and the pair have now been married for more than three years and welcomed son Samuel in November 2016 (though, in a change of pace from most seasons, Sean handled out a dozen First Impression Roses, so he had the numbers on his side).

    Most recently, eventual winner Jordan Rodgers received a First Impression Rose from Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, and the pair are still together.

    FROM PEN: Former Bachelorette Deanna Stagliano is Already Dreading her Infant Son’s Future Wedding



    In 2008, DeAnna Pappas gave out three, including one to her eventual fiancé Jesse Csincsak. Despite getting engaged on the July finale, the couple split four months later. Csincsak ending up marrying Ann Lueders from later Jason Mesnick’s season while Pappas found love in Bachelor Nation by proxy, marrying former suitor Michael Stagliano’s twin brother, Stephen.

    In 2010, Ali Fedotowsky gave her First Impression Rose to Roberto Martinez. Like Pappas and Csincsak, the pair went their separate ways 15 months after the finale. (Fedotowsky welcomed a child with fiancé Kevin Manno in July 2016.)

    FROM PEN: 6 Ex-Bachelorettes Reveal All on Becoming Moms in the Same Year



    It’s safe to say that getting a First Impression Rose can get a little thorny. While the lucky ladies and gents whose love blooms quickly have a solid track record for longevity (typically making it past several cuts and often to the final rounds of hometown dates, Fantasy Suites and even the final two), they rarely find themselves giving or receiving a ring.

    Some notable former contestants who received the First Impression Rose but found their journeys cut short include …

    Eventual Bachelor and two-time Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall. Brad Womack finalist Jenni Croft, who was one of two women Womack rejected, shocking fans and making Bachelor history. Bachelor Nation standby Tenley Molzahn, who briefly found love with Bachelorette alum Kiptyn Locke. Chris Soules‘ Bachelor bad girl Britt Nilsson, who would go head to head with (and lose against) Bristowe to headline the next season of The Bachelorette. Ben Higgins‘ choice Olivia Caridi, who leveraged her career as a broadcaster before her stint on the show into a role as a Bachelor Nation commentator — not to mention champion of and pal to several misunderstood villains from the show.


    Monday’s Bachelorette premiere sees Viall’s First Impressive Rose recipient Rachel Lindsay turn the tables as she eyes 31 men to whom she might push a few petals.

    The Dallas-born lawyer — and Bachelor Nation’s first African-American leading lady — has already confirmed that she is engaged to one of her suitors on the show, but whether Lindsay’s “happy ending” stems from the guy who first grabbed her eye remains to be seen.

    Find out who makes a First Impression when the latest season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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  • How This Burger-Loving Nurse Lost 141 Lbs. with a Vegan Diet — and Started Her Own Wellness Business
  • How Aaron Rodgers Got a High School Class Out of Their Final Exam with a Retweet
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