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NEWS | May 24, 2017

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Market Recon: The S&P 500 May Have Met Its Match

Corporate execution has put a bid under the market. You may not like these valuations. Tough.
Trump's Tariff on Mexican Imports Would Make Pizza Night More Expensive and Cost 5 Million Jobs

A major tariff on Mexican imports would cost a lot of jobs and hit products all the way from cars to tomatoes.
GE, Saudi Arabia in 1 Billion Riyal Deal to Build Gas Turbines

The agreement follows an announcement by GE during President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia last weekend of $15 billion of business deals.
Kobe Bryant Tweet Gets High-Schoolers Out of Final

Truly, tweets and US government are hopelessly intertwined these days. WRTV reports a high school senior in Indianapolis got his entire US Government class out of their finalthanks to a retweet from Kobe Bryant. William Pate was told by his teacher, Mr. Belser, the final would be canceled if...
Tom Cruise Confirms Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise has confirmed he'll be in Top Gun 2 , and while there aren't many 54-year-old Navy fighter pilots in the real world, Maverick is unlikely to spend the film on desk duty. Cruise told Aussie interviewers Tuesday he'll be appearing in a sequel to 1986's highest-grossing movie, USA Today...
Here's the Secret About Immigrants: They Keep the Economy Going

Behind the immigration debate is a dirty little secret about demographics: America needs immigration to keep the workforce growing.
Trump's Latest 'Buy American, Hire American' Order Is a Big Dud

For all the noise surrounding 'Buy American, Hire American,' the president's newest executive order is an economic Potemkin Village.
The 5 Best Destinations for English-Speaking Expats

Pop quiz: You want to move abroad but only speak English. What do you do?
Few options to tap the equity in Mom's empty house

WithMom'smedical bills piling up, think creatively to make the most ofher empty house.
Pope names five new cardinals, all from outside Italy and the Vatican

By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis is to elevate five Roman Catholic prelates from outside Italy and the Vatican to the rank of cardinal, the elite group of churchmen who are
Only Hardcore Pet People Can Pass This Quiz

How well do you know the different animals we love?
Know when it's smart to transfer a credit card balance

Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might not be the best idea.
OPEC heads towards supply cut extension as Saudi signals most on board

By Reem Shamseddine and Marwa Rashad RIYADH (Reuters) - OPEC and other oil producers are on course to agree an extension of supply cuts at a meeting on Thursday, with Saudi Arabia saying most
Brooding Iran hardliners say they must still be heard after Rouhani win

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin LONDON (Reuters) - Iranian hardliners indignant at President Hassan Rouhani's re-election vowed on Sunday to press their conservative agenda, with some saying his caustic
Who Is Driving IBM's Management Team?

Find information on some of the key executives at IBM that have kept driving the company forward in the technology sector in the new millennium.
NAFTA's Winners And Losers

The White House is reportedly considering to draft an executive order to leave NAFTA. So who benefited from NAFTA, and who lost out? Do we even know?
Alec Baldwin: I Thought Lyme Disease Was Going to Kill Me

Alec Baldwin had a busy weekend: Fresh off his latest turn as President Trump on Saturday Night Live, the actor was in California on Sunday at a Lyme disease benefit and talking about his own struggle with Lyme. After first getting bitten 17 years ago, he was bitten again a...
ETFs for Investing in Vietnam

Vietnam offers some enticing opportunities for investors, and using ETFs offers an extra level of safety.
Fox News Retracts Story, Sean Hannity Doubles Down

Last July, 27-year-old Seth Rich was shot and killed near his home in Washington DC. On Tuesday, Fox News retracted a recent story positing the Democratic National Committee employee was murdered because he was acting as a WikiLeaks informant, the New York Times reports. Fox News states the story didn't...
House-rich senior denied credit for home repairs

If you lack funds to repair your home, you still have at least 5 options.
Miranda Lambert sings her way to wealth

The country singer has a mantel full of awards and a bank account full of money.
5 questions to ask before tapping your home equity

Are you itching to shake some money out of your home? Consider these questions first.
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  • This week People is launching a new series—in print and on video—called “Women Speak Out.” It will be a series of interviews and profiles with women who have survived sexual assault and have come forward to seek justice—for their own sake, and for the sake of other women.

    We are especially proud of the series because it comes from Natasha Stoynoff, who became world famous during the election when she wrote in People about being physically attacked by Donald Trump back in 2005. At the time, she was a writer at People, assigned to interview Trump (and his then-pregnant wife, Melania) at Mar-a-Lago. When Trump and Stoynoff were briefly alone, he suddenly shut the door “and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat,” wrote Stoynoff. A butler interrupted, and as Stoynoff tried to regain her composure, Trump told her, “You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?” Stoynoff felt ashamed and did not inform her bosses at People. Eleven years later, after Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape surfaced (and Trump was a presidential candidate) Stoynoff felt compelled to tell her story.

    Watch Laura Dunn on the series People Features: Women Speak Out, available now, on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to, or download the PEN app on your favorite device.

    Trump not only denied it, he slammed her on the campaign trail: “Look at her,” he said. “I don’t think so.” But Stoynoff became a symbol of strength to many others, particularly women who had endured sexual assault. “I’ve heard from hundreds of women—strangers, friends, acquaintances—telling me their stories,” says Stoynoff. “Most said they’d never told anyone before, usually out of fear or shame.” Stoynoff has continued to tell her story, and is now helping other women tell theirs.

    Her first interview in the series is with Laura Dunn, who says she was sexually assaulted by two men when she was in college, but charges were never brought against them. In 2014 Dunn founded SurvJustice, a nonprofit that has helped scores of women report sexual assault and navigate the criminal justice system. In the coming weeks, Stoynoff will profile other inspiring survivors making their voices heard. Says Stoynoff: “I’m hoping that the great group of brave women we champion in this series will encourage others to be brave as well.”

  • SNL’s Leslie Jones to Host BET Awards — but Will She Get Political?
  • Meet the Woman Who Lost 536 Lbs: ‘Just Being Able to Drive or Go Shopping Is Amazing’
  • Sen. Al Franken Is ‘Flattered’ by Buzz, But Definitely Not Running for President in 2020
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